The heir October teasers 2019

Tuesday 1 October 2019 Mannu insults Shaksi about being a second wife, she does not take it well. Raj takes Sakshi side and reaffirms his hatred for Preet. Mannu asks him to kiss Sakshi if he can, but Raj can’t. Mannu misses Amba. Wednesday 2 October 2019 Raj and Sakshi trick Preet into purchasing honeymoon

King of hearts October 2019 teasers

Tuesday 1 October 2019 Shabnam teams up with Simran in order to find out if the man pretending to be Sid is really Sid. Kritika saves DD from going to jail again Wednesday 2 October 2019 Siddharth realises that he is playing with fire but, still he vows to trap Shabnam. Sundari comes to live

The heir update Tuesday 24 September 2019 Zee World

Mannu tells Amba about her plan which will make Bajwas celebrate her. Amba is puzzled. Mannu says this is not Mannu’s promise, this is Preet’s promise to you. At the Bajwas house, Amrit slaps Raj angrily. Raj gets shocked. Harjeet asks what are you doing. Amrit scolds Raj for ashaming her upbringing, did she teach