Virat chops off all his hair. Viren and Jeevika bangs the door hard from outside…Maanvi is shocked to do anything. Finally, Viren breaks the door lock and enters the room to find virat’s hair chopped off . Both Viren and Jeevika are shocked to see Virat but Viren takes it easy and hugs both Maanvi and Virat.

While chopping the hair Virat gets a cut and jeevika goes to her room to bring antiseptic for him. Viren too follows her and jeevika shares her thought with him. She says now she knows that virat and maanvi are not only friends. At first, she was apprehesive about their relationship but now she doesn’t have any doubt that virat loves maanvi and nobody else can love maanvi the way he loves. She says further that as a sister she is happy for maanvi but then as a sister-in-law she cant be happy for virat. She is confused now about what to do and which side to take.

Virat and maanvi share a good moment among themselves.

The story about virat’s chopping his hair off spreads among the maids, chef, driver and other servants of the house.

In the lunch table swamini sees virat and and gets hyper..she questions him and virat answers her straight that maanvi was feeling low…so he chopped his hair to give her company so that she doesn’t feel alone. This angers swamini and she leaves the table without having lunch.

Virat’s mom comes to swamini’s room with her lunch. Swamini tells her that virat has made it clear about his intentions now and that He is in love with maanvi. Virat’s mom says that even if he is in love with her then what’s wrong in that. Swamini replies her saying that ” Life without a life partner is a curse itself…you spent half of your life with this curse…and now you are gifting this curse to your own son…do you want your son to spend a lonely life forever??? ” Virat’s mom is stunned to hear all this.

Inder talking to Kadambari over the phone. He asks if Virat really did “that?” and hangs up. Dadaji inquires what’s wrong and Inder informs him that Virat shaved his hair off. Next scene we see Dadaji walking inside the Vadhera Mansion fuming in anger. He asks the servant to immediately call everyone to the hall. Inder tells his father to first understand Virat’s point of view since he’s a good friend of Manvi, but Dadaji is in no mood.

Back in Manvi’s room Virat, Viren and Jeevika are all seated seeing Manvi asleep. Just then Manvi wakes up. Virat walks to her asking if she doesn’t want to sleep anymore cause they though she was gonna sleep for 6 months and then wake up. (LOL) Manvi asks till when they will keep sitting with her here instead of doing their respective work? Viren tells her that until she does not gain the confidence of facing everyone outside, they will camp in her room. Servant knocks, and informs that they are all needed at the hall immediately.

Manvi is scared and shaking her head negatively, she says she’s not ready yet, but Virat holds his hand out to her and asks her to come with him and not to be afraid. Jeevika too agrees with Virat saying she needs to face world today or tomorrow and cannot keep hiding. Finally Manvi gives in and places her hand in Virat’s. They share an eye lock.

Jeevika asks Vadhera brothers to proceed and she will bring Manvi after Manvi changes her clothes. They leave and on their way Viren cautions Virat that they both know why they’re called to the hall, but Virat shouldn’t answer back under any situation and he will do the talking. Virat agrees only to witness Dadaji’s full-on drama. He asks how dare Virat put their family name and honor at stake by cutting his hair?! How dare he? He asks Vanshika, since she is after all Virat’s biological mother- did he do the right thing? Vanshika has no answer, she wants to support Virat since she cares about Manvi too, but cannot go against her father-in-law’s teachings. Before she can utter a word from her mouth, Viren and Virat come.

So Dadaji begins interrogating Virat and asks how foolish he can get? And how many times more do they have to keep forgiving his childish mistakes? Virat corrects him saying this time he is not wrong nor has he done anything childish. Viren signals Virat that he will talk but Dadaji is super mad hence asks Viren not to interfere since this is not a court case and he cannot be Virat’s lawyer! Viren remains silent and the argument between the duo goes on.

Finally Swamini steps in, accusing Virat, saying she knows what all this is pointing towards. Virat comes to her and tells her that it’s not his problem if someone does not have feelings or emotions and do not understand how Manvi feels. He cares for her hence he did this for her! Swamini shouts saying he did this for her not for friendship but because…

Virat continues her sentence saying now he is not scared to admit, yes, he did all this because he loves Manvi! Swamini is shell shocked, so is the entire family AND so are Jeevika and Manvi who have apparently heard everything. Manvi starts getting flashbacks of the their scenes together and how Virat always supported her.

Swamini cannot take this, she cannot believe what Virat just said. She tells him that today he’s made her fall in her own eyes. What will people say about the Vadhera family? That Virat loves a girl who already lives with him? Virat is not at all ashamed and says that he too doesn’t know how he fell in love with Manvi; to the extent that she too doesn’t have any knowledge about him loving her.

Swamini is still agressive and is continuously speaking nonsense about Virat loving Manvi. Finally Virat tells her that someone who has not experienced love can never understand this
Next moment Viren slaps Virat. Hard. Real hard.

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